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Sea coasts ecology


       Sea of Azov
       Kerchenskiy proliv
       The Black sea


Scientific support




         We hope that information presented at this web-site would be interesting as to people planning to relax on the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea shores as well as to scientific community carrying out investigations on these seas aqua territories.

         The Sea of Azov and the Black Sea coasts have always attracted numerous tourists with unrepeatable nature and opportunities for family and individual vacations. However, the healthy and comfortable relaxation is hardly possible without information about current ecology conditions and coast infrastructures. Concerning generally artificial pollutions, people usually hardly imagine about dangers hidden in the wild nature, for example, potentially radioactively hazardous “black” sands.

          The information presented at this web-site has been obtained by Russia and Ukraine universities (Lomonosov MSU, PSTU and so on), which are specialized in the radioecology field. However, you can find here not only fresh data about radioactive pollutions of the coasts, but also many pieces of useful information about conditions and infrastructure of the beaches and other coastal places (water and shores conditions, traffic possibilities and so on).

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