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To 175-years anniversary of D.I.Mendeleev

Дмитрий Иванович Менделеев    

Mendeleev flower or 3D form of Periodic law

Mendeleev flower or other whole forms of Periodic law

Дмитрий Иванович Менделеев в юности и его гербарий

D.I.Mendeleev in a young? during a time of hobby for botany. His herbarium.

         It was difficult not to commemorate the young Mendeleev’s hobby in botany and was not to be fond in “flower romanticism” with its magnificent charm. We hope that in spite of imperfect creation, we though managed to transfer it a little. Let us return to forms that are more “pedantic” and go away from the similarity to flower.

The broadband regular form

 Широкополосная регулярная форма. Вид сбоку.

So, we can obtain something like that.

3D structure of broadband regular form

         A little reminds structures offered and patented by Roy Alexander, but there are essential differences: s- and p-elements at us form separate independent petals (Alexander has united them in one cylinder) and in our version all petals leave one axis (a line of "growth").

The spatial form, offered by Roy Alexander

The spatial form, offered by Roy Alexander

         The broadband regular form offered by us is more convenient in practical use, but all the same here again the similarity to flower persistently remains. Then we shall make more rectangular form.

3D table form

 Табличная пространственная форма. Вид сбоку.

We have obtained something like this

         This form is more familiar for usage, it is closer to table form, but it saves the main heuristic principle of D.I.Mendeleev and remains three-dimensional, formed by orthogonal planes.
         The similar form was for the first time proposed by French scientist Paul Giguere and it was even patented by William Possidento (the USA patent) as model for teaching, but in this case the essential moment was missed, namely, the united axis (the line of “growth”) was missed.

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